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The Myth of Non-Violenece Resistance!

Hossam el Hamalawy

This is an article written by Egyptian Activist Hossam el-Hamalawy (Aka 3arabawy) and published on Netherlands Aid blog, April 27, 2011.

It offers a witness evidence that the Revolution was not as Non Violent as the media portrayed it and as some Egyptians (and westerners) like to think, however, the more striking is his opinion on the violence, towards the end of the article, the “activist” justifies & encourages violence against Egyptian Police forces!

Here is 3arabawy’s full article:

“Suez was dubbed as Egypt’s Sidi Bouzid during the 18 day uprising. The city witnessed some of the bloodiest crackdowns by the police, and also some of the fiercest resistance by the protesters. In the video above, shot on the Friday of Anger, January 28, the revolutionaries in Suez after storming the police stations and confiscating the rifles, are using them to fight back the police.

One of the biggest myths invented by the media, tied to this whole Gene Sharp business: the Egyptian revolution was “peaceful.” I’m afraid it wasn’t. The revolution (like any other revolution) witnessed violence by the security forces that led to the killing of at least 846 protesters.

But the people did not sit silent and take this violence with smiles and flowers. We fought back. We fought back the police and Mubarak’s thugs with rocks, Molotov cocktails, sticks, swords and knives. The police stations which were stormed almost in every single neighborhood on the Friday of Anger–that was not the work of “criminals” as the regime and some middle class activists are trying to propagate. Protesters, ordinary citizens, did that.

Egyptians understand well what a police station is for. Every family has a member who got abused, tortured or humiliated by the local police force in his/her neighborhood. And I’m not even talking here about the State Security Police torture factories. I’m talking about the “ordinary police.”

Other symbols of power and corruption were attacked by the protesters and torched down during the uprising. Revolutionary violence is never random. Those buildings torched down or looted largely belonged to Mubarak’s National Democratic Party.

In a number of provinces like in North Sinai and Suez, arms were seized by protesters who used them back against the police to defend themselves. State Security Police office in Rafah and Arish, for example, were blown up using RPGs, hand grenades and automatic rifles, while gas pipelines heading to Jordan and Israel were attacked.

Am I condemning this violence? Totally not. Every single revolution in history witnessed its share of violence. The violence always starts on the hands of the state, not the people. The people are forced to pick up arms or whatever they can put their hands on to protect themselves.

May all our martyrs rest in peace. Their blood will not go in vain.”

Source: Netherlands Aid blog

  1. nina
    23/05/2011 at 18:07

    Democracy is a very incoherent doctrine. It cannot come to existence under the laws it promotes. No democracy in the world would accept the use of RPG’s or molotov cocktails against fellow countrymen. This is not self-defence. And fires are a hazard to innocent people as much as anybody else. But this is how democracies begin to exist, in a cruel & nervous scene. Or what do you think of the French guillotine?

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