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Is El-Baradei for the Egyptian people?

PressTV interviews Ralf Shoenman, author of the Hidden History of Zionism.
Mohamed el-Baradei, recognized by both the US and other foreign powers, who was absent from Egypt in the past 30 years, wants the top spot in the country.

But, do the Egyptian people want him and would he bring about change, which would go against the US agenda?

In this regard, Press TV interviews Ralph Shoenman, author of the Hidden History of Zionism and expert on Zionist impact on the Middle East.

Press TV: Referring to the statements made by US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, where she said it is important to support the transition process headed by new vice president Suleiman. In your opinion is the US finally showing their support for Suleiman by raising his profile?

Ralf Schoenman: Let’s be clear about this. What you are describing is a cruel deception and a complete hoax; a deception and a betrayal of the Egyptian people.

A map of Turkey was published in the New York Times as a model of what is intended for Egypt. You have to keep in mind that Egypt now under Mubarak and in the past 30 years has become a semi-colonial country – One hundred families own more than 90% of all property and wealth. And the map of Turkey that was published laid out what was intended in Egypt – an alliance between the senior military and the oligarchy to preserve the status quo, to deepen the privatization of the property and the wealth of the country and to intensify the exploitation of its workers.

Meanwhile multiple platoons of warships have left the US for Egypt: the Connecticut National Guard, US warships are en route and at the same time The Israeli General Staff (supreme command of Israel defense force) dispatched some of its top spies to the Sinai desert and actually an Israeli spy was caught blowing up the gas pipeline, clearly an attempt to provide a pretext, a provocation, for the entry of not only US troops, but Israeli troops to put down the mass uprising.

What is going on here with the likes of the torturing chief who is the chief stooge of the Mossad namely Omar Suleiman, who is the instrument of the allegiance with the Israeli army and the Egyptian army to subjugate the Palestinian people, the total betrayal of the Arab national movement, the key point man for the torture apparatus not only for the Egyptian people, but for everyone who has supported liberation and independence in the Arab world kidnapped at will, sent by rendition to the torture chambers of Omar Suleiman.

This is not a transition to anything but the status quo.

Press TV: What is the US Israeli agenda?

Schoenman: The New York Times and the established press have made it extremely clear: the multiple warships on their way to Egypt, the role of the Israeli intelligence and the commitment not only to Omar Suleiman, but the entire apparatus of the Egyptian general staff is to secure the old order, to put cosmetics on the corpse, to put Mubarak in the background without removing him, but the entire apparatus is a semi-colonial country under the Mubarak regime, under Israeli hegemony, it has absolutely nothing to do with Islamicism this critique. This is a class evaluation of the actual structure of power. The agenda is to dismantle the mass movement and substitute this cabal of oligarchs.

There is something known as the (International) crisis group – it has been published all over America and in the New York Times – The Crisis Group are senior advisers guiding what is intended to be a transition to stabilizing an oligarchy.

Who is on the crisis group: Prince Turki al-Faisal, Richard Armitage the former US secretary of state, Shlomo Ben-Ami the former foreign minister of Israel, Christopher Bolkcom the director for the German institute for international security affairs, Zbigniew Brzezinski former US national security advisor? The crisis group that is guiding this so-called transition represents the interests of Zionism of imperialism and of the permanent subjugation of the Egyptian people.

Mubarak’s dictatorship has brought forth a mass revolutionary response. Now they want to keep the substance without the form and in order to do that they will have to wage war against the Egyptian people who are mobilized and who will not retreat because the mass hunger with over 60% of the population, not 40%, living on less than $2 a day; the total inability of families to receive food, the fact that many poor families have members that have had to sell their kidney for a coin; that’s the reality of Egypt, which is to be maintained under the old order and it is a revolutionary response of the mass of the Egyptian people which has thrown fear into the hearts of the cruel imperial rulers and their Zionist agents subjugating Egypt in the region at large.

Press TV: What about support for El-Baradei?

Schoenman: The crisis group has also specified who the principal advisors to El-Baradei are: Brzezinski, Armitage and Shimon Peres. There’s no ambiguity about this; who are the puppets and who are pulling the strings, this is the same old same old… It is the continued effort to preserve the subjugation of the Egyptian people, the lynch-pin of Zionist and imperial hegemony is the Egyptian military alliance with Israel.

That’s what the mass movement wants to break.

Press TV: The opposition of which the Muslim brotherhood is a member has confirmed that it has not entered any negotiations with the Egyptian government, but has conveyed the people’s demands. What is your perspective?

Schoenman: The Muslim brotherhood knows all too well that in semi-colonial Egypt the ability to participate has to do with the role of the military and the role of money. Anatole France said famously that “a rich man and a poor man have an equal right to sleep under a bridge,” and in Egypt have nominally an equal right to take part of an election controlled by the military and the financial elite of the country. It’s a charade it’s a façade, that’s why El-Baradei answers to Shimon Peres, Armitage and Brzezinsky – not to the people of Egypt. This is not an alliance for democracy; this is an alliance for stabilizing the old order.

The mass movement in Egypt represents 80 million people and above all the Egyptian working class. That working class, which is facing starvation; the working class that is capable of waging a general strike, which brought down the regime of the Shah (Iran) and the lessons of the Iranian revolution will not be lost on the people of Egypt. The smashing of the old order requires the engagement of the mass movement in its own name with its own program, freedom from imperial domination, control over the wealth of the economy of the country, etc.

Foot note: Ralf Shoenman is an American left-wing activist who was a personal secretary to Bertrand Russell and became general secretary of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, he is also author of the Hidden History of Zionism.


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Source: PressTV
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