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Ron Paul: ‘New World Order’ Using the Middle East upheaval to Enhance Globalism

Via Prisonplanet.com
Steve Watson
April 6, 2011

Congressman Ron Paul, icon to liberty lovers the world over, sent a stark message this week to ruling elite “internationalists” attempting to expand globalism via the Western military industrial complex – you will fail.

Speaking on the nationally syndicated Alex Jones Show, Paul expressed his concern that a deeply malign form of globalism is being promoted and expanded on the back of international crises, namely the political upheaval in the middle east and north Africa, coupled with ongoing financial meltdown.

“The new world order people see it as an opportunity to move one step forward.” Paul stated, alluding to an infamous description of the current US led international coalition of powers.

“Bush senior bragged about that, remember he didn’t want to go to Congress, he came and got a token approval in 1990/91 for the Persian Gulf war… That was the first time I heard a president use the words ‘new world order’, anyone who used that had to be a conspiracy nut, but Bush was saying this is what we need to do for the ‘new world order’.” Paul explained.

“The new world order is certainly looking at this monetary crisis, we want the Constitution, sound money, gold and silver, but at the same time the internationalists are planning for their international fiat currency.” Congressman Paul stated.

Paul, also a member of the Joint Economic Committee, the Committee on Financial Services and the Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy, believes that sound monetary policy will eventually be recognized as the solution to the financial crisis, rather than a system of global regulation and global currency being pushed by such unaccountable global bodies as the IMF and World Bank.

“They have a long way to go because what they advocate is still fake money and they have to defy the market place.” Paul said. “They may make the attempt and they may be able to cause a lot of harm in the meantime, but ultimately sound money wins out. Hopefully we do our job and liberty wins out over the tyrants.”

“The bankruptcy will bring us to our knees, but lets just hope we can put it back together in a lot better shape than we have it now.” the Congressman added.

Paul, who is also a serving member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is adamant too that despite the recent military activity in Libya and elsewhere, ultimately, the move to expand the ‘new world order’ brand of globalism by force is destined to fail.

“It’s not going to work for them, no matter how hard they try and how many temporary military victories they have, it’s going to be a failed system.” he said.

“It will serve its purpose in many ways by bringing us to our knees and some of them like the opportunity, they don’t let emergencies go to waste, they take advantage of it and that’s why they think they can advance a new world order and one world government under these conditions.” the Congressman added.

“I think our message is spreading and I hope we are going to be very good competitors with these one worlders.” Paul concluded.

Footnote: AnarchitecT doesn’t adopt or fully endorse the statements in the article above. They Express Rep. Ron Paul personal opinion. 

Wikipedia: Ron Paul Profile.

  1. sipra
    28/04/2011 at 21:16

    Mr Ron Paul please allow me to assume that,like the majority in USA and Europe you are an equally ignorant christian.Therefore to verify my very brief assertions here kindly take assistance from a learned christian.The BLUE PRINT of world domination by zionist Jews as given out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zionism has been very successfully implemented and is now near completion.The plan has been so presented that the west believes it to be the overwhelming beneficiary.The reality is JUST THE OPPOSITE.This is how.The christians and the muslims believe that near the End Times Jesus Christ will descend to Earth and completely annihilate the Jews and usher an era of peace and prosperity for a thousand years.The christians and the muslim scholars also believe that the world is passing through the end times and that the descent of Jesus is imminent.Should it so happen,what is stopping the annihilation of jews as prophesied,with the military and economic might resting with the christian west.From the jews perspective the solution is a simple one .Engineer the clash between the christian west and muslim east.AND,move their wealth to the non-christian and the non-muslim world of China and India.My this assertion is the litmus test for all past,present and future events.

  2. sipra
    28/04/2011 at 21:25

    what moderation are you talking about? Is speaking the truth being immoderate.I will not change even a word of my comment.

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