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The Great Deception 2011 English Version Released

The Great Deception 2011 – الخداع الأكبر is a short video feature, about a number of questionable connections & suspicious information relating to the Protests which are rocking the foundations of the Arab world & Middle East.

The questions asked in this video are:
Given the M.E. economical importance to the US & the billions of USDs invested in the GREATER MIDDLE EAST PROJECT & democracy spreading programs…
Does the US have a role in Arab Uprisings?

Why did the US suddenly stop it’s war on Mohamed El Baradei in 2005?

Why are the US State department, Department of Defense & Defense Intelligence Agency funding the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace???

What is Amr Hamzay’s job at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace?

What is Amr Hamzawy’s role in the revolution?

Who benefits from the military attacks on Libya?

All these questions and many more must be answered before embracing those who lecture us about freedom and democracy in post revolution Egypt.

However, this video is not an attack on any particular person of the ones mentioned, nor is it an attack on Egypt Freedom Revolution, whom we are most proud that we were part of it, since the first days.

But this video is an invitation to open your mind to broader ideas, to research and to question and not to be a follower to any one person or one entity.

“Question Authority, Think for yourself”

The Links:

New Middle East

Mohamed ElBaradei

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Condoleezza Rice

The Greater Middle East Project

Amr Hamzawy

Khaled Saeed facebook Page

Disclaimer about “The Great Deception 2011”

To make one thing clear:

Anarchitext is not Pro Mubarak,

Anarchitext is not Pro NDP,

Anarchitext is not Pro Dictatorship in anyway shape or form…

Quite the opposite, Anarchitext is against Mubarak, his corrupt faction, his corrupt government, his corrupt parliament, his corrupt election and his 30 years rule of torture and oppression…

We are with the calls for his prosecution and trial…

AND we are proud that we have taken part of the glorious Egyptian Revolution…

“The Great Deception 2011” is not about defending Mubarak, and those who understand it that way are ill-advised and misinformed.

  1. 26/02/2012 at 07:37

    Go research George Soros, Obama’s puppet master…

  2. 29/03/2012 at 16:24

    This loses so much impact because it goes too fast to read. Also loses credibility when interest is spelt “intreset” right at the beginning. The music is very dramatic, though and you’ve created a gripping vibe.

    Of course nation states are power-hungry and will go pretty far to increase their power. What’s new? The international system is anarchic – children (states) without a parent (world government).
    When materialistic values trump spiritual values, this will always be the case on planet earth. The International Baha’i Community has a different way to bring unity and justice. Def. worth checking out.

    • Angel-Devil
      19/02/2013 at 05:01

      What you’re saying about this video is the same as implying that the little bits of cork that might hit your pallet from a spectacular $3,000 bottle of 100 year old French Bordeaux renders the wine undrinkable. It’s not a dissertation, bro. It’s a Youtube video.

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