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AnarchitexT Youtube channel launched

We’ve launched our YouTube Channel with the Documentary:

Chain Reaction 2006

Which we produced in 2006, for the United nations & Arab league joint session launch.

It documents the chain of events starting on 11/09/2001 and continuing to the year 2006.

Although it was made in 2006 it stays true today, and the events documented in the feature sheds it’s shadow on today’s unrest in the middle east.

The Documentary is uploaded into 3 parts:

Part 01: Post 9/11, Iraq & Darfur

Chain Reaction 2005-2006 (Part 02)

Chain Reaction 2005-2006 (Part 03)

  1. Moemen EL-Swedey
    06/04/2011 at 08:27


    This is really great and awesome work. I have been doing a research about a conspiracy theory that I believe to be so true. It is exactly what u are talking about and I like the way u started you first videos because this what I have been trying to say with my friends and all within my network but keep getting aggressive objection and I have just discovered the big misunderstanding … people tend to reject anything that may seem to be against 25Jan. And If I do talk about and share my ideas about any kind of a possible conspiracy, people put in their mind that I am part of the so called “counter-revolution” & “Felool El-Nizam” coz I am a member in NDP … Anyway, I just wantd to tell you:

    – I respect your quality work
    – I can share my ideas and send all the materials I have

    NOTE: the research I have been working on is personal and not intended to be used or submitted as a formal research. On the contrary, it is absolutely done on personal effort basis with enlightenment goal in mind; that is for me the objective is seeking truth but started to feel responsible to enlighten those who are still in the dark …

    Keywords of what I have been researching so far is: George Soros, Color revolutions, International Crisis Group, Open Society Foundation, Movements.com, 6th April, EL-Baradei, NED, OTNOP, CANVAS, Wael Ghoneim, Saad EL-Din Ibrahim, Ayman Nour, Maajid Nawaz, ANHRI, NWO (New World Order) theories, Webster Tarpley, Zbigniew Brzezinski ….

    Of course, I expect that you have much more information since you decided to organize it and present it via in hand IT tools. Meanwhile, it is my pleasure to help to contribute to this work success.

    – Regards and Best of luck

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